Team RFP Senior Ambassador

Are you interested in joining Team RFP for your senior photos?
RFP is looking for fun, outgoing seniors to join the ambassador program.
* please note team rfp 2025 is full *

Team RFP Senior Ambassador

Are you interested in joining Team RFP for your senior photos?

RFP is looking for fun, outgoing seniors to join the ambassador program.


Team RFP stands out as the premier photo team in our area offering monthly themed photoshoots and a variety of other photo opportunities throughout the year, including individual senior photo sessions, all bundled at one inclusive price. Each year, we carefully select from over a hundred applicants, ensuring our team is comprised of vibrant, sociable individuals from Stark County.

Team RFP is more than just a Senior Ambassador Team; it's a community of young women spanning Northeast Ohio. It's the ultimate way to immortalize your senior year, with monthly photoshoots capturing every milestone. From elaborately themed events to spontaneous "Pop Up" gatherings—like impromptu photoshoots at captivating murals—we ensure your senior year is documented from every angle. Beyond the camera, we cultivate genuine friendships through events like Friendsgiving and holiday parties, making it an experience that's as much about camaraderie as it is about photography.

So, what exactly is Team RFP?

Wondering what our monthly photoshoots entail?

Let me paint a picture for you! Our monthly shoots are intricately designed to reflect the spirit of each month, guaranteeing a memorable snapshot of your senior year.

Incentives include:
  • A minimum of 15 FREE photoshoots throughout your senior year
  • FREE yearbook headshot
  • FREE cap and gown session
  • FREE images to share on social media
  • Behind the scenes video and more!

You get to participate in uniquely themed photoshoots, make new friends and get discounted senior photo packages!

What are the perks of being a member of Team RFP?

Prospective seniors undergo an application and interview process, ensuring a perfect fit for our tight-knit community. It's challenging, yet immensely rewarding, as it allows us to discover and unite exceptional individuals, fostering lifelong connections. And if you become one of our seniors, you're not just a client—you're family.

Selection for Team RFP isn't taken lightly.

Perry High school

I have never experienced anything like this before. Team RFP has given me so many amazing opportunities and experiences. Not only do I get the best pictures but I have made so many friends and memories along the way. Team RFP has truly been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I cannot thank Rylie enough for everything!! 

Class of 2024


Central catholic High school

Being on team RFP has been one of the best things I have ever experienced. Rylie has always made me feel like the most beautiful girl and she has never failed to make me smile. I have met the most beautiful and kind hearted girls that I know i will forever be friends with. The memories I have created with Rylie and the girls will always stick with me and i will forever be grateful for Rylie Fuline Photography. 

Class of 2024


hoover High school

Team RFP is so special! I love getting to capture every moment of my senior year. I think the thing that makes it the most special though is Rylie! She is so funny, creative, and just a great friend. Not only am I getting amazing photos but I have gained life long friends!

Class of 2024


Green High school

Being on team rfp has been the best part of my senior year. From spending time with new friends to learning confidence from rylie this team is a blessing. The amazing photos we receive along with the lifelong memories I have made while on this team will forever be cherished! Rylie is a talented photographer who not only produces amazing work but is a comforting and bright person in our lives. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to have her as apart of my senior picture experience !

Class of 2024


Hoover High school

My senior session was soo special! I was able to do it by the big chandelier at playhouse square and I also got to have my nephew it in!! This is one of the many great things Rylie did! She made me feel so incredibly special and it was so cool because she gave me the opportunity to do somewhere not many others go to!! I am so incredibly thankful for her positive attitude and amazing hype skills (truly you will feel AMAZING about yourself after). She gives you the boost you need even if you aren’t having a good day. You can tell she’s genuinely cares! Thank you so much Rylie for everything you’ve done for me. I appreciate it all and I hope everyone else does aswell! 

Class of 2024


GLENOAK High school

Being on Team RFP is like having the sisters I always wanted. We’re all so close and the memories we’ve made will stay with me forever. On top of Team RFP my senior picture sessions with Rylie were extremely personalized and an incredible experience. My visions came to life all thanks to Rylie and I’m so thankful for all of the support and love she’s offered to me.

Class of 2024


Mckinley High school

Picking Rylie as my senior photographer and being on Team RFP has been such an amazing experience. Not only is Rylie an amazing photographer but she has truly created an environment on Team RFP where we become best friends. I now get to look back on my senior year and all of the fun experiences and memories I have made. I always have felt welcomed and supported by Rylie and the girls on the team. This experience is truly one of a kind and I know I will always cherish it. 

Class of 2024


Perry High school

Rylie has truly made my senior year memorable. It was so much fun getting to go to different locations and becoming friends with all the girls. Our sessions are always filled with smiles, fun, and making memories. I wouldn’t want to have any other photographer capture my senior year other than Rylie. She is truly the best! 

Class of 2024


Perry High school

Team RFP has been one of the best experiences of my senior year. Rylie is always going out of her way to make not only every event special but also the individual sessions. Each picture taken turns out amazing, but the laughter and memories is what really makes them special! 

Class of 2024


Perry catholic High school

One thing that i have gained from Team RFP is confidence! Rylie has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin! My senior year has been amazing so far thanks to Rylie and Team RFP! I have made so many friendships and memories with the girls that I will cherish forever! 

Class of 2024


Jackson High school

Being on team RFP has been the most amazing experience. I have gained life long best friends. Rylies team is such a unique experience because girls from all over get brought together. I can truly say that all of us girls are friends outside of the photoshoots. Being with my favorite girls and having Rylie as a mentor has been truly amazing. 

Class of 2024


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